Infinite M

Modular Power with Wireless Charging

Infinite M

Not just a battery nor wireless charger,
TDS’ Infinite M modular platform provides innovative functionality and infinite possibilities.

Meet Infinite M

Infinite M was born from the hassles of constantly requiring charging cables to be plugged and unplugged. We often found ourselves frustrated, looking for a better way, wishing there was a reliable “wireless” way to charge our devices without compromising the flexibility of a portable charger.

Infinite M approaches this problem with a modular design. If you want a back to basics, portable charger, the base battery module is a powerful, aircraft-grade aluminum clad, 2.1A output-capable, high quality 7000mAh unit. It is equipped with four indicator lights that allow simple gauging of battery level so you won’t ever be caught without juice when you need it. What makes it one of a kind, however, is that you can easily expand it by using its docking mechanism with additional modules. Launched together, the first detachable module is a Qi-compatible, triple-coil, wireless charging module. The outer shell is made from the same high quality aluminum while the top plate is made from premium impact-resistant glass. Magnetically snapped on, the wireless charging module is designed to allow hassle-free, on-the-go charging while easily taken off when not needed.

Both the portable charger unit and the wireless charging module can work standalone, as will all future modules designed for the Infinite M. The goal of bringing out the Infinite M is to achieve the vision of having one unified platform that is powerful, yet flexible and portable enough to serve multiple, changing needs of today and tomorrow. Whether you are an on-the-go, professional or hobbyist photographer, constantly mobile businessman, a tech-savvy user, or just about anyone with a need for an external battery for their smart devices, Infinite M‘s modular system is designed to work with zero tools.

In the works now are additional modules that provide wireless storage, solar charging, as well as a micro projector. TDS aims to change the ubiquitous portable charger into a device that serves as a base for everything else you need while on the go without compromising flexibility nor convenience.

Design & Material

Minimalistic Design Language

Sleek, yet subtle styling that fits into any sort of environment or workplace. The modules follow the same philosophy, keeping a coherent and simple, yet functional design.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Infinite M is made from high quality, CNC-milled aircraft grade aluminum. This allows it to be lightweight, yet durable enough for heavy day to day usage.

Impact Resistant Glass

The Infinite M’s wireless module is built with an impact resistant, premium-feeling glass top plate.

4 Stage LED Indicator

4-stage indicator lights to quickly inform you the current battery level.

Product Package

Premium packaging.


Combined Wireless Portable Charger

Combined, the Infinite M allows you to charge your phone quickly and wirelessly.

Portable Charger Base

2.1A USB-A fast charging output that allows quick charging for both smartphones and tablets, two times the speed of an Apple 1.0A wall charger. The portable charger base also fast charges itself at up to 2.1A.

Wireless Charging Module

Qi-compatibility allows the vast number of Qi enabled devices to charge. Employing a triple-coil design, Infinite M allows greater placement flexibility for a trouble-free wireless charging experience.

Tier 1 Battery

Our charger utilizes high quality, proven, lithium-ion cells made by a Tier 1 industry powerhouse. A 7000mAh capacity cell is integrated to provide enough power to charge most phones at least two times over* and as a balance between weight and device power needs.

Example: The capacity of an iPhone 6 is 1,810mAh. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a capacity of 2,550mAh.

*Based on the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 battery values. Realistic conditions differ and depends on the workload, usage, model, and temperature.

Modular Platform

Infinite Expandability

Infinite M was built around the ideology that it was to be flexible enough to adapt to the user’s needs as well as new technology just on the horizon. While battery technology has been slow at evolution, other accessories, notably, wireless charging, storage, and connectivity hasn’t. Our goals led us to develop a system that was easily connected, yet sturdy enough to withstand daily usage. We are shipping Infinite M first with the Qi-compatible wireless charging module. Designed to be used either as an expansion on the base battery charger or standalone with any powered USB port, the triple-coil equipped module is designed to look sleek with its premium materials while providing convenient charging, no messy cables or connectors to worry about.

Simple Attachment Mechanism

Infinite M’s module attachment system is extremely easy to use, yet durable and not prone to accidental detachment. The module is held into place via integrated strong magnets. No tools or assembly required at all.

Upcoming Modules

TDS has been looking into a wide variety of functionality to bring into the Infinite M’s modular system. Future modules currently being developed on include a wireless storage module, a solar charging module, and a micro-projector module. These are all expected to be ready for the market within six months of Infinite M’s launch as we have begun initial prototyping for some of them already. A non-exhaustive list of modules currently in development.

Wireless Storage Module

Connectable via Wi-Fi Direct or via network sharing (SMB), the module supports a full sized SD card and USB 3.0 port to be used. Standalone usage is currently aimed to provide up to three hours of operational time, currently the exact battery specifications hasn’t been confirmed yet. NFC enabled to allow easy pairing with compatible devices.

Solar Charging Module

For extended trips, the solar charging module will allow you to recharge your own devices or the Infinite M wherever you have direct sunlight. Comprised of multiple high efficiency (20%+) cells, the module aims to supply 2A at 5V (typical USB wall adapter output) without compromising portability. Currently being prototyped with custom cell dimensions under negotiation with suppliers for increased surface area usage.

Micro Projector Module

While not designed to replicate the experience of a full sized projector, the module allows clear projection in a dark room up to 60” at 720p native resolution and a minimum of 70 lumens. This versatility in a portable package allows for on the go presentations, entertainment, or creative media wherever you are without worrying about weight or power. The integrated battery is being designed to support at least two hours of usage in standalone mode, and over ten hours when attached to the Infinite M. We are currently developing the module to be equipped with short throw capability for convenience as well as being Wi-Fi equipped to eliminate wires. A fully functional prototype is scheduled to be completed before the end of the year.

(We do not have a preview for this module yet as the design is still undergoing significant changes, stay tuned though!)

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Q2 - 2016

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